Kate Hamilton in collaboration with Tona Wilson & Jonathan Elliot present “ITS A BIG WORLD OUT THERE”.

This exclusive installation was displayed on July 26th, 2014 for one night only at the CHURCH space provided by the Women’s Studio Workshop located in Rosendale, New York. The interactive scene filled the empty church as the sun set in a warm orange glow. Oversized clothing items made out of nylon were hung on giant pulley systems and strung across the room. Each pulley system had a operator that controlled the strings in order to make the garments move like sails of a ship. This overpowering presence of being overwhelmed reminded Hamilton of the deep blue sea she says. From this nautical inspiration Kate gathered excerpts from Moby Dick that were then projected from all corners of the room. The text projected itself on both the wall and clothing creating a size shift and surrealist twist. Kate Hamilton uses “whale bone as underwire in the lingerie item because they are like the big great whites of the ocean, oversized and great.”

The sound component composed by Jonathan Elliot was comprised of old church hymns and faint organs. They echoed around the room faintly as the noise of the nylon flapping in the wind overpowered the soundtrack with confusion. This encompassing performance misconstrued viewers perception and presented a full bodied experience for all to explore.