Major progress this weekend at Loren Crabbe studios, the small test sculptures for ILLUMINATION are ready for paper application.

I will be pulling sheets of handmade abaca paper this week at Dieu Donne paper mill and gallery. These pieces of paper will cover the sculptural forms creating a unique figured lamp shade.

Each test piece has a different finish, form and paper thickness. Hopefully these little test subjects will answer these three questions:

1. What does the opacity of the lamp shade have to be in order to show both color and line without compromising the structure of the shade?

2. Will the color transfer from the metal finish to the paper?

3. What type of reaction will the paper have due to acids used in the patination process?

Detail of a copper armature for my new body of work, ILLUMINATION.
In this series of sculptures I am studying line, light, figure and form. Playing with traditional drawing techniques by using blind contour drawings and creating the lines from forged metal. I challenge myself to create the figures from memory and only use one continuous piece of copper or steel to create the outline. The figures are then finished with colorful patinations and covered with a handmade piece of paper that serves as a shade for the LED light nestled within the piece. The warm glow highlights the vibrant teal, green and blue patinations shown above.
These test subjects are almost finished and ready to have paper applied to them!

Q&A POSTURE Magazine

I am so excited to present to you my first Q&A with Annie Malamet from POSTURE magazine. Annie is such a talented writer, she posed both compelling and interesting questions about my concepts and recent video performance RESTRICTION. This interview expands further on my theories of abjection and our human condition.

Posture magazine serves as a platform to share and discus non-traditional artistic thought. The conversations presented in this magazine are not only compelling but progressive covering visual and performative arts. Posture magazine seeks to discus similar themes as I do in my work including identity, sexuality and human behavior.

Please take some of your precious Sunday to check out for more work and share this beautiful article with your networks!

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